This programme is especially designed for students who achieved flying color marks in Matriculation exam and want to apply to Polytechnics in Singapore and for those who want to have well preparation before studying at their choice of university.

The duration of the programme is 400 hours.


# English
# Mathematics
# Science
# IELTS preparation
# Oral English
# Life skills
# Presentation Skills

This programme is for those who want to become professionals in building and construction industry. They will be prepared to take for an admission screen test conducted by BCA Academy so that they can get direct entry into diploma programmes at BCA Academy. The duration of the programmes is (200) hours.


  • English & Mathematics (For Diploma in Construction Engineering)
  • English & Reasoning Mathematics (For Diploma in Digital Engineering or Diploma in Quantity Surveying)
  • Oral English

RVi Institute’s Foundation Diploma in Management Studies validated by SIM Global Education will deliver fundamentals of business and management studies. After the foundation programme, you will be able to pursue diploma programme at SIM Global Education and degrees awarded by prestigious international university through SIM Global Education. RVi Institute is the only partner to run Foundation Diploma in Management Studies of SIM Global Education in Myanmar. The programme is open (4) times per year:  March, June, September and December and it is a 6-month certificate programme.


  • Study Skills for Effective Learning
  • Elements of Economics
  • Introduction to Management
  • Principles of Accounting & Business Finance
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • IELTS: Academic English
  • ICDL (Presentation, Word Processing)

RVi Institute’s Engineering Pre-Diploma Foundation Programme is developed by BCA Academy and it is a solid foundation to continue studying diploma programmes at BCA Academy without having to take BCA AST. This progarmme is suitable for those who wants to pursue Engineering starting from foundation, who do not pass the BCA AST or do not get direct entry into BCA Academy’s Diploma programmes, Myanmar High School Grade 10 students or Myanmar High School graduates and Secondary (3) graduates from International schools. The duration of the programme is (600) hours.


  • English and Communication
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Basic Physics
  • Technical Drawing and Specification
  • Electrical Technology Fundamentals
  • Building Technology Fundamentals
  • ACMV Fundamentals & Green Building Technology

  • Available for both adults and young learners
  • Duration: 100 Hours

  • Level 1: Target band scores: 5.5 – 6.0 Duration: 60 Hours
  • Level 2: Target band scores: 6.5 Duration: 80 Hours
  • Level 3: Target band scores: 7.0 and above Duration: 80 Hours